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Publications, Data, and Tools

Learn more about Athena’s latest research developments and outreach.


Athena researchers actively publish their latest scientific findings in mobility in technical reports, conference papers, presentations, and more.


Joint Modeling of Access Mode and Parking Choice of Air Travelers Using Revealed Preference Data, 100th Transportation Review Board (TRB) Annual Meeting (To Appear)

Route Optimization for Energy Efficient Airport Shuttle Operations - A Case Study from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, 100th TRB Annual Meeting (To Appear)


An HPC-enabled SUMO Simulation Framework for Evaluating Future Travel Modes at Dallas Fort Worth Airport, TRB Workshop

TRB Workshop on Traffic Simulation and Connected Autonomous Vehicle Modeling, TRB Workshop

A Data-driven Operational Model for Traffic at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport, 99th TRB Annual Meeting

Modeling Travel Mode Choices Near Transportation Hubs: The Case of Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Using Revealed Survey Data, 99th TRB Annual Meeting


New Data Visualizations Support Analysis of Vehicle Traffic at DFW Airport, INFORMS

Data and Tools

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Athena researchers actively publicly release data and tools used to model the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Access Athena on GitHub for algorithms, data, instructions, and more.

Airport Traffic Demand Forecasting, Machine learning models for forecasting real-time traffic demand

Airport Traffic Simulation with SUMO, High fidelity simulation infrastructure for airport central terminal area traffic

ASPIRES Discrete Event Simulator, Software for the airport shuttle planning and improved event-driven simulator (ASPIRES)

Shuttle Route Optimization Framework, Model code for DFW shuttle bus route optimization